Letters to Low-RANGE

Dear Low-RANGE:

Low-RANGELast week I picked up a copy of your magazine at my local Barnes & Noble. I was pleasantly surprised. It has been a long time since I have subscribed to a 4WD magazine of any kind. Great action photography and gorgeous trail shots as well. The Nov/Dec cover shot says it all!

Writing and editing is intelligent and good natured. I also appreciate how you interview folks on the trails and focus on the great people that populate this wonderful co-culture. You also cover an area of the country that is largely ignored. I also very much enjoyed the Nova Scotia Jamboree coverage. I am even more tempted now to make a trip to Canada. Most of my trail riding is in the Rockies or Arizona.

This is my first message to a periodical I read, ever. Please be encouraged that you are doing an outstanding job with this publication. I wish you all the best!

Matt Hickey
Lincoln, Nebraska

TreadDear Bill:

We can't thank you enough for Low-RANGE Magazine's continued support of our vital off-road ethics messages! Your membership is very important to us. We look forward to continue working with you to keep the outdoors beautiful, healthy, and open to the public.
Monica Clay
Tread Lightly!


Monica: Many thanks for your dedication in keeping the trails open for all of us in the off-road community.

Dear Bill:

On behalf of the Blue- Ribbon Coalition, I would like to thank you for running the BRC ads in your magazine, as well as your support for land use issues. We are most grateful for your help inspreading the word about BRC. Please know thatwe appreciate your
hard work in helping to fulfill the BRC mission. Your contributions keep the Coalition
Blue Ribbonstrong and working at "Preserving Our National Recourses FOR the Public instead of FROM the Public."
Greg Mumm
Executive Director
BlueRibbon Coalition.

Dear Low-RANGE:

I was really looking forward to reading my issue of Low-RANGE the next day at work. Then, overnight our new puppy wanted it more than I did. Angry, is only putting it mildly. Anyways, I am looking forward to my new subscription.

Steve Dietrich
Slidell, Louisiana

SteveI hope the latest issue agreed with your puppy's digestive system. We sent out a package to you and enclosed a couple extra back issues just in case your puppy gets the late night munchies again. Many thanks for subscribing to Low-RANGE.


I was pleasantly surprised to find a Bronco on the cover of the Sept/Oct Issue! WOW! All I can say is that I was blown away! I then read the article and was again very impressed with the details and different angles covered within. Thanks much for taking the time to attend and cover this year's Bronco 40th Anniversary special event! www.earlybroncos.com

Drew Peroni
Mid-Altantic Early Broncos


Dear Dan:

I am a member of the Cadillac Jeepers Off Road Club. I have been 4 wheeling for many of years and this is just one of the rigs I have built over the years. This is my titled 1961 Willys DJ- 3A. RonThis was 2wd when I started and a long winter of work it was TRAIL RATED. It has a 2.8 TBI V6 with a T-4 trans and a DANA 300 T-case. I used Dana 44's from a 1965 Scout with 4.27 gears Locked front and rear. The lift is out rigged spring with 5" blocks above the spring mounts and most everything is home built. Not
any bells and whistles, but this thing will go almost anywhere. I would like to thank Low-Range and yourself for adding our event into your Mag and placing it on your calendar of events.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!
Ron Price "Cadillac Jeeper"
Harrison, Michigan.

Dear Low-RANGE:

Enclosed photo of my rig. Street legal in some states. All lights function. 1982 CJ-7. Dana 60 Rear. Corp 10 Front. 5.38 Locked.
Gerry Gregory Lost Valley Off-Road
Willmington, Ohio

P.S. Let me know if this picture is ever published in your mag.


Dear Gerry - Consider this notice of publication. Thanks for subscribing and
sending in the photo of your "Street legal in some states" rig.

Dear Dan:

I am saddened to inform you of my husband's death on 4/6/2007. I am sure he would like the remaining issues of your wonderful magazine to go to his son-in-law who is also an owner of a Jeep Rubicon. We were packed and ready to go on another Jeep Jamboree to Moab, Utah this coming week. I guess God had another path for Dick. He will be missed by anyone who knew him.
Liena Wasley
Livermore, CA


Dear Liena —We were sorry to hear the sad news. We had planned to include a kind letter that Dick sent about the Rubicon Trail. We will always remember his warm smile. He was the type of person that made the world a better place. The best memories we have about the Rubicon Trail were getting to know the two of you along the trail. [See Rubicon Trail Issue - Click Here.]

OK4wdDear Low-RANGE:

I just saw the article of our store and our Grand Re-Opening and I had to write you and tell you THANKS!

Many magazines show events and vehicles but very few show the shops that keep the 4WD’s rolling in our great country. It’s nice to see your magazine developwith its own identity and we know how hard you work to keep your magazine as informative as it is.
Thanks again,
Jim Oostdyk
OK 4WD & Tire

Dear Jim: Many thanks for inviting us. We were honored to take part and report about the OK 4WD Event. We were really impressed with your vision of the next generation of 4WD shops.